New Toyota 2022 Toyota Prius Prime in North Kingstown RI for Sale near Providence l North Kingstown RI

2022 Toyota Prius Prime in North Kingstown RI

2022 Toyota Prius Prime in North Kingstown RI
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2022 Toyota Prius Prime Overview

Toyota has over two decades of experience making its Prius line of hybrid vehicles. The Prius Prime allows you to have the fuel efficiency, luxurious interior, and power of the Prius in a plug-in hybrid version. The Prius Prime has striking details on the outside, and the technology that you expect from Toyota on the inside. Best of all, it is backed by Toyota’s commitment to quality. Let’s see what you might find when you explore the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime in North Kingstown. The 2022 Toyota Prius Prime has a futuristic look on the outside and an aerodynamic profile. It has smart looks and a comfortable interior that features all of the latest technology. The best part about the Prius Prime is the mechanical system that allows it to achieve an excellent all-electric range. The new Prius Prime has an enhanced charging system that allows you to charge the battery more quickly on a household current. These are a few of the reasons why Toyota fans love the new Prius Prime.

North Kingstown RI - 2022 Toyota Prius Prime's Overview

Exterior – Toyota Dealer serving North Kingstown RI

Both the Prius and Prius Prime share the same wedge-shaped design that gives it an artistic and high-tech feel. The nose of the Prius Prime is a little more athletic. The 15-inch alloy wheels offer several designs, and you can choose LED daytime running lights. The Prius Prime is made to rule the night with an exclusive LED taillight design that is unmistakable. The aerodynamic profile gives it a distinctive look and helps to improve its fuel efficiency. It is just one example of how Toyota engineers left nothing to chance when it came to designing the Prius Prime.

North Kingstown RI - 2022 Toyota Prius Prime's Exterior

Interior – 2022 Toyota Prius Prime in North Kingstown RI

The interior of the Prius Prime has an upscale feel that is designed to give you comfort and a pleasurable ride. The Prius Prime offers well-cushioned front seats that are comfortable for long trips. It also offers plenty of room for everyone. The Prius Prime has plenty of space in the cargo area, and 60/ 40 split-folding seats give you flexibility when it comes to hauling passengers or the things you need to take along on the trip. The Prius Prime also has smartphone integration and Amazon Alexa compatibility. It has a silent cabin that allows you to experience the full effect of its premium audio system when you test drive the 2022 Toyota Prius Prime in North Kingstown.

North Kingstown RI - 2022 Toyota Prius Prime's Interior

Toyota Prius Prime Mechanical specs

When it comes to choosing between the Prius and Prius Prime, one of the questions that many drivers have is, what is the difference between a hybrid and plug-in hybrid? The plug-in hybrid has a sturdier battery that gives it an improved all-electric range. Instead of relying on regenerative systems within the car, such as the brakes, you must plug it in when the battery becomes low. If the battery runs out when you are driving, the Prius Prime functions as a regular hybrid. The superior mechanical systems of the Prius Prime are backed by Toyota’s reputation for making cars that are reliable and last a long time.

North Kingstown RI - 2022 Toyota Prius Prime's Mechanical

Powertrain – Toyota Dealership in North Kingstown RI

The Prius Prime was made for fuel efficiency, but what about other aspects of its performance? It offers several different driving modes that are selectable with the touch of a button. If you choose the EV Auto Mode, the car will choose between EV and Hybrid mode based on demand. You can charge your Prius Prime at one of over 26,000 charging stations located across the United States. You can also have a home charger installed that can give your Prius Prime a full charge in about 5 1/2 hours. You can charge your car in about half that time at a public charging station.

Safety – 2022 Toyota Prius Prime dealer

The Prime comes with Toyota’s exclusive Toyota Sense 2.0 suite of driver-assistance features. This system can give you a warning if it detects a pedestrian in front and will put on the brakes to avoid a collision. It also features full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control that helps you maintain a preset distance from the vehicle in front of you. These are only a few of the features that the Toyota Prius Prime offers to keep you safe.

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The Prius Prime has a lot to offer Rhode Island drivers, and it is time that you call Nucar Tarbox Toyota serving North Kingstown Warwick Westerly Smithfield, and surrounding areas to schedule a test drive.

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